Allied Resource Professional Requirements

What is an Allied Resource Professional?

When people are going through a separation and divorce, they often need assistance from various professionals — mortgage brokers, realtors, real estate appraisers, financial managers, accountants, individual therapists and others.   We have identified professionals in the community who can be of assistance to divorcing clients; these individuals have committed to learning about the collaborative divorce process, and frequently are hired by our clients to assist them.  If you are interested in becoming an Allied Resource Professional, the requirements and process is listed below.

  1. Nominated by a member in good standing of the HVCDDRA.

  2. Application reviewed by another member in good standing, subject to approval.

  3. Be in good standing in your area of practice (where applicable).

  4. Complete a membership application.

  5. Attend an Allied Resource Provider ½ day training to understand the basics of the Collaborative Process

    This is a free training for Allied Resource Providers whose dues are paid in full.

    In order for an Allied Resource Provider to be listed on the HVCDDRA web site,
    dues have to be paid in full and attendance at the 1/2 day training is required.

  6. Pay dues of $200 per year.

  7. Membership is for an individual and not a business or group.

  8. Representative list of suggested areas of practice (services that integrate with the Collaborative Process):

    1. Realtors
    2. Mental Health Professionals
      (who do not participate in the Collaborative Process).
    3. Financial Professionals/Accountants/Tax professionals
      (who do not participate in the Collaborative Process).
    4. Attorneys (Estate Planning, Real Estate, Bankruptcy)
      (who do not participate in the Collaborative Process).
    5. Mortgage Brokers
    6. Educational Consultants
      (college selection, financial aid, children’s needs/special needs).
    7. Insurance (life, home, car, medical).
    8. Appraisers (home, real estate).
  9. An Allied Resource Provider is limited to referencing themselves as an “Allied Resource Provider of the HVCDDRA” on their web site and in their written material.

    Allied Resource Providers are not voting members of the HVCDDRA
    Allied Resource Providers cannot be board members.
    Allied Resource Providers can sit on committees as non-voting committee consultants.

  10. Benefits of being an Allied Resource Provider

    1. A listing on the Allied Resource Provider section of the HVCDDRA Web site.
    2. ½ day free training.
    3. Opportunity to speak at a practice group meeting to discuss your business.
    4. Member discount to trainings offered by the HVCDDRA.
    5. Opportunity to introduce a great service to your clients.
    6. Can attend the annual meeting and the annual holiday party (networking opportunity).

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