Where do I start?

You can consult with a collaborative lawyer before you talk to your spouse, or you can share this information with your spouse.

If you consult with a lawyer first, they will assist you in figuring out how to proceed.

If both of you want to try Collaborative Divorce, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Each of you selects an attorney from the list of Collaborative Divorce lawyers or you jointly select a Divorce Coach from the list of mental health professionals. An informational meeting can help you decide whether the Collaborative Divorce Process is for you.
  2. With your attorneys, a coach will be selected. You and your spouse will meet with the coach prior to any joint meetings with the lawyers.
  3. Both spouses, the coach and your attorneys attend the first collaborative meeting to sign the Participation Agreement that governs the process. If temporary measures are required to maintain stability during the negotiation process, temporary arrangements will be established.
  4. Both spouses, the coach and your attorneys attend subsequent collaborative negotiations according to an established roadmap until you reach agreement. The Divorce Coach helps each spouse prepare for effective participation in the negotiations.
Collaborative Professionals

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Collaborative Divorce