Couples with assets

In the Collaborative approach the parties employ one Financial Specialist to provide direction and assistance in gathering financial material, help them to design realistic budgets and propose various plans for distribution of assets and debts so that the parties may make informed choices.

When needed, the team selects and the parties employ neutral professionals  to determine the value of any relevant assets, including real estate, tax consequences of liquidating or transferring assets and/or business interests.

By working jointly to obtain objective information, the process is efficient and cost effective, and provides the parties with the necessary information to make sound decisions.

A couple's 5 options for divorce...

No lawyer required

Each party requires lawyers

  • Do Nothing

    Couples separate without formal arrangements

  • Kitchen Table

    Couples sit together and agree on a divorce settlement

  • Mediation

    Couples hire neutral professionals to assist with negotiation

  • Collaboration

    Each Party has own lawyer, couple has neutral Divorce Coach, Financial Advisor and Child Specialist

  • Litigation

    Court makes a decision on the outcome

Couple in charge of outcome

Court in charge of outcome

A couple's 5 options for divorce...

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Collaborative Divorce