Couples who want to avoid court

The collaborative process is private; confidentiality is maintained with regard to all family information.

Parties remain in total control of the outcome — any resolution must  be agreeable to both parties.

Parties are encouraged to treat each other respectfully promoting more positive post-divorce relations and peaceful co-parenting.

Because there are no court appearances and little paperwork, the total cost of the collaborative process is generally far less than the cost of going to court to litigate the divorce. The actual cost depends on how long it takes to reach an agreement that is acceptable to both parties.

A couple's 5 options for divorce...

No lawyer required

Each party requires lawyers

  • Do Nothing

    Couples separate without formal arrangements

  • Kitchen Table

    Couples sit together and agree on a divorce settlement

  • Mediation

    Couples hire neutral professionals to assist with negotiation

  • Collaboration

    Each Party has own lawyer, couple has neutral Divorce Coach, Financial Advisor and Child Specialist

  • Litigation

    Court makes a decision on the outcome

Couple in charge of outcome

Court in charge of outcome

A couple's 5 options for divorce...

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Collaborative Divorce