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A Parent Coordinator May Be The Key To Success

Posted by Stephen G. Gordon in Divorce and Children

Is it about getting even? Or is it about getting it right? Is it about you? Or is it about your children? As a divorce attorney, I have learned that some parents do get it right and those who do, put their children’s needs ahead of their own. When litigating through a divorce, spouses engage […]

May I Please Have a Financial Do-Over?

Posted by Michelle Gershfeld in Divorce and Money

“May I please have a financial do-over?”   Sometimes we get into situations and we feel we are trapped, smothered in distress, and we often cannot see a way out.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could do it all over again?  We would be so much smarter the second time around. Financial stress can be […]

The Good Divorce

Posted by Allison J. Bell, PsyD in Divorce, Recovering from Divorce

Clients often want to know what makes for a “good divorce”.  They instinctively know that keeping their children front and center in their divorce process will make for a better outcome for everyone in the family.  However, few people seem able to articulate the stages of a process that yields what both spouses feel will […]

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