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Hudson Valley Collaborative Divorce and Dispute Resolution Association is committed to informing the public about the Collaborative process and to build and support thriving Practice Groups. We believe education and training will ensure the growth and longevity of the Collaborative process for resolving disputes.

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IACP Holds the 16th Annual Networking and Educational Forum

Posted by Kathryn Lazar

IACP is holding their 16th Annual Forum in Washington D.C.  The theme this year is “25 Years of Collaborative Practice:  Honoring the Past and Celebrating the Future”.  It will be held at the Renaissance Hotel in Downtown Washington D.C.  In addition to eight pre-forum classes and 34 workshops, Donna Hicks will speak on Dignity:  Its Essential Role in Resolving Conflict; Dacher Keltner will speak on 21st Century Power:  Principles, Practives, and Positive Social Change, and Barbara McAfee will speak on How to Sustain Humanity and Energy in Collaborative Practice.  The forums are always very stimulating and reinvigorating.  We urge all professional members of our association to attend.  This year Micki McWade and Kathryn Lazar will be presenting on special considerations when dealing with addiction in the collaborative process.  To register for the forum, go to www.collaborativepractice.com.

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